No standard designs only artistic works

About Iqlik Movies

iQlik Movies is an entertainment website for the people who would like to enjoy visual brilliance, authentic movie news and uncluttered pages.

  • 1. Loading of dynamic data in few seconds.
  • 2.Display of different ads for each page in the website.
  • 3. Maintaining a collection galleries and videos.

Tatva Global School

Siri Innovations team worked to develop a customized ERP system for a school’s administration.

This ERP comes as a single package where the entire modules related to the school’s administration and functionality are well integrated and provided to the end users from which they access, update, retrieve the required information.

About Radio Khushi

Radio Khushi is a revolutionary internet radio. It is a one stop entertainment channel with wide variety of navigational options and thus reading or listening to our favourite actor songs/ interviews.

Getting the up to date news about the latest happenings in both Telugu and Hindi industries is an interesting option for efilm patrons Listening the songs sorting instantly from database..

Recharge Nestham

Online Recharge Software is an application developed for recharging mobiles, DTH and data cards.

  • 1. Different API’s integrations and it is different for each API.
  • 2. Managing the recharge time during heavy traffic hours.