The effective programmer is keenly aware of the
limited size of his own head.

Today’s era of Cloud,Mobile are exciting and challenging.Client is always confused of which tools,frameworks and languages to be used. At Siri we provide consistent user experience on different devices and platforms. We also adopt a polished way to deliver the same to customer.

  • Custom Desktop Application Development.

    Siri Innovations follows the market’s best available technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop applications that run offline. We help you to enrich your business environment through easy to use, easy to access, and next level Desktop applications with relevant cutting-edge technology. Our desktop applications facilitate instant content synchronization, quick file system access and ready management of downloadable content even while working offline.

    We develop Desktop Applications that reduce the complexity of your business processes, improve your performance and accelerate your business productivity. By making tedious operations relatively simple, our Desktop Applications help you to synchronize the important processes and streamline the IT operations in a proper growth enhancing manner. Keeping up with the GDM, our “webified” desktop applications are on par with Rich Internet Applications and allow you to enjoy the multifarious features and facilities.

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  • CustomDesktopApplicationDevelopment
  • WebBasedERPSolutions
  • Web based ERP Solutions

    Web based ERP is the one stop solution for SME to all sort of business calculations. It is the most portable application which is entirely web based, and run on any web-server that can accommodate PHP. Now the hassle of maintaining own server is made easier by running it on an ISP. One of the important feature of web ERP is that the entire process is carried out on server side and no installations required on client machine, which makes it easy for the client to use it anywhere. After all the work is done, you can generate the reports in the prescribed PDF format.

  • Facebook Apps Development

    Facebook has become an Internet phenomenon and a recent survey says it has 1.23 Billion users. With such a user potential data base, the phenomenon to target the users based on demographics is perfectly tailored for viral marketing.

    Siri Innovation’s developers and designers are experienced in building applications for this new platform and thus making it a new source for product marketing. This can be achieved using Facebook API or Facebook connect platform into which the application is integrated directly into your website or a separate stand alone application is developed to launch at app market. We can guarantee that users will be addicted to your app as they are for facebook. Our recent app “Schedule your wall” does all the work on your behalf once you schedule the timing for it, let it be a post on the wall, uploading photos or videos and status update by reducing the amount of time and work you work on it.

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  • FacebookAppsDevelopment
  • PluginsDevelopment
  • Plugins Development

    Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, OpenCart, Zen Cart and Magento Plug-in are a set of components which add additional features to the existing product. Some of the commonly used plugins are Adobe Reader plugin which lets you to read PDF files in a browser and Quicktime Plugin which is used to play MPEG4 videos.Typically, Plugins are developed using NPAPI cross-browser API for plugins. To enhance the functionality of a product and to improve its ability by taking it to the next level, Siri Innovations experts help you to design and develop the Plugin which can provide the upgraded version of the product.