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Capture and track your leads

Capture and track online and offline lead information and interactions from various sources to form a comprehensive database for lead generation. All of your lead insights are tracked on the mobile app as well.


Academics made easy

Say good bye to physical day-to day activities. Capture enrollment enquiries, boost enrollment leads, manage student academic reports and record management, timetables, assessments, calendar and resource management and so much more with minimal efforts.


Communications with Parents made easy

Channelizing an effective communication flow between educators and parents for better student productivity, parental involvement and transparency. Communication made easy.


Easy payment collection with Digital Ink

Reduce burden on your school staff and parents. Automate payment processing and take the hassle out of billings and collections. Experience our integrated and adaptive payment processing tool, offering a one-stop automated solution for all kinds of fee payment plans.


Run HR-payroll with Digital Ink

Centralize employee data; automate payroll, attendance and leave of teaching and non-teaching staff and all other employees. Effectively hire efficient faculty and workforce using innovative HR-Payroll software and solutions.


Transport with Digital Ink

Making school transport secure and safe. Our software allocates and manages bus routes and stops for students and staff, manages student bus timings and bus fee slots. Easy integration with GPS devices enable location tracking of school buses enables easy generation of reports and record searches, making transport operations more efficient.


Digital Ink analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of school performance, parent feedback, best performing students, best class, best faculty, system and infrastructure improvements, syllabus and teaching methodology improvements. Generate and analyze reports and view them in beautiful charts, pivot tables and also in tabular forms for quick reference and improvement of processes.


Digital Ink security

Virus or malware scanners, hacking or data thefts. We take care of it all, including security audits & consultancy. Ensuring safety and security of your comprehensive and confidential data, for you by us.