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Irrespective of the brand’s technology each and every brand needs a right marketing strategy. This is ideal for businesses which try to create a brand like portals, web based solutions etc. Siri Innovations makes an ideal plan and works for you to get the Lion’s share in the market. The following sections illustrate the strategies followed in greater detail.

  • Logo Design

    Primary step in brand recognition. A logo should be able to represent the company. It should also endorse your company and create a unique and instant recognition look when people come across it. We at Siri Innovations, design logos for your business which totally depict the corporate identity.

  • LogoDesign
  • SpecialDesignedWebElements
  • Special Designed Web Elements

    Visualising the website in the client’s perspective helps us to understand the actual requirement. Our team always focuses on the client’s requirements and design a website containing wide number of design elements which provide a visual treat to the users.

  • Favicon

    Favicon is an acronym for favorite icon These favicons are very handy to access from the address bar and are gaining recognition in the recent times. Siri team are experts in designing these Favicons, for complementing your brand by placing them on your website land page.

  • Favicon
  • LandingPages
  • Landing Pages

    These are static reference pages or a transactional pages and usually they vary based on the user requirement. As web readers are less patient we need to grab their attention in the first instance say in about 5- 7 seconds. To get the client out of the risk of losing a valuable customer Siri Innovations will help you to get the attention of users and thereby increase the possibility to get into the business with you.

  • Web Applications GUI Design

    GUI is Graphical User Interface is a tool for user interaction with the computers in a 2D environment, but with the rapid changes the technology has seen the intention of it also transformed. We at Siri Innovations develop rich GUI’s for 2D and 3D environments for web and mobile.

  • GUIDesign
  • BannerAds
  • Banner Ads

    Banner Ads are a sort of third party Ads posted on your web page, when clicked, browser redirects to the target company site. In recent times these banner ads have become a big trend and they add a good revenue. Siri Innovations is popular for its smart and innovative Banner Ad, which attracts the user to click on it and get you a sale.

  • Social Networking Page Branding

    Building a social network is a priceless promoting offer for a business. Siri Innovations exactly comes very handy here. Our experts are fully aware of developing a profile page with suitable selection of color, design and style. We enjoy to weave a path for you to connect with prospective customers.

  • SocialNetworking
  • OnlineVideos
  • Online Videos

    We accept that video has become a highly accepted way to propagate your message across. The videos are widely available over the internet and the bandwidth and quality are not barriers anymore - Thanks to the technology. Videos based on client testimonials and spokesperson videos help in acquiring a third party validation.

    We at Siri are experts in making :

    • Corporate Videos
    • Video spokesperson
    • Client testimonials
    • Explanatory/Educational Videos
    • Product/Service demonstrations

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  • Email Templates

    E-mail templates help in presenting the message to the target client. Our group here at Siri Innovations create broad spectrum of templates for informational and e-commerce use. Our e-mail templates include:

    • Regular email template.
    • Newsletter email templates.
    • Promotional email templates.
  • EmailTemplates