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Lotto Suit is a Computer Application designed and made for business who sells Lottery / Scratch away tickets.

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Lotto Suit is a Computer Application designed and made for business who sells Lottery / Scratch away tickets. It provides automatic and precise calculations of daily sales and profits, and ticket inventory. A scanner replaces the tedious and time consuming task of writing down ticket position numbers. Therefore, scanning tickets instead makes closing shifts faster with greater accuracy.

Security: Lottery ticket theft is discouraged by requiring all employees to log in when starting a new shift. Also, ticket inventory is tracked along with each pack event history and updated inventory count appears on every report.

Generates Lotto Shift Reports: Based on your scanned opening and closing ticket positions, system determines your activated and sold out tickets. It shows: ticket pack number, name, value, opening position, closing position, and total sale for each ticket.

Generates Day Reports: Combines multiple shifts into one shift, which includes activations and sold packs.

E-mail Reports: Sends email with two attachments, spreadsheet and rich text. You can use Microsoft excel or Microsoft word to view these attachments.

View reports on spreadsheet and rich text format: Save reports in spreadsheet format and rich text format.

Weekly & Monthly & Yearly Sales Totals: Shows number of activation, activation and sale totals.

Activation History: Select date range to view activations with EFT amounts.

Ticket history: View each ticket pack number history from activation to sold.

EFT Amounts: View EFT totals for weekly, monthly, year and selected dates. Also, you can view your last billing cycle.

Best Selling Packs: View your best selling packs before activating another ticket.

Inventory count: Keeps track of your inventory count. You can prevent theft by checking your inventory count every day, which also shown in daily shift report.

Event log: Keep an eye on your employees.

Employee Password: Stay in control of your inventory and ticket database.