Your application never be under threat.

Today sophisticated attackers continue to circumvent perimeter defenses and target the data and applications at the heart of your business. Their goal is to attack the very systems and data that help you to create and keep customers, manage and create intellectual property, and maintain a positive cash flow.

At Siri we have a proven approach to network security and we provide the best detection and the greatest coverage by identifying malicious content, communications, and behavior across every stage of the attack sequence.

  • Web Application Security Testing Service

    Application Security Testing Service is meant to discover security vulnerabilities in your web site from an attacker's perspective. At Siri, Our inhouse team of web security experts will analyze your web site with web security scanners, custom security tools, and comprehensive manual inspection to identify each potential point of intrusion into your web site.

  • WebApplication
  • MobileApplication
  • Mobile Application Security Testing Service

    Siri’s Mobile App Security Testing service provides a detailed security analysis of your mobile app.Gartner CIO survey believes mobile technology will remain a disruptive force for the next 10 years.90% of the top mobile apps have access to local files that can contain sensitive customer data, corporate intellectual property, and personally identifiable Siri follows these steps to reduce the mobile risk.

    We follow this procedure for mobile app testing, Submit web interface to our cloud-based platform.Inform policy development process,which helps enterprises getting started on their mobile application security programs.Risk quantification would be done for both malicious and safe applications using advanced machine learning technology. Integration of Mobile Device Management solution with API.

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  • Penetration Testing Service

    At Siri we help you identify security vulnerabilities in your system before they explode.Siri discovers vulnerabilities before hackers do,audits the effectiveness of implemented security measures,prevents from data loss and also has the ability to manage IT security risks and plan for the future.

  • PenetrationTestingService.
  • VulnerabilityAssessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment Service

    Siri Secure is a vulnerability assessment service which is designed to identify critical flaws in your network that an attacker could exploit. Today we have hundreds of applications and systems across your environment with access to the Internet, maintaining and updating system and applications to eliminate vulnerabilities is a necessity.

    At Siri we follow a methodology which is frequent and multi-phase process by which we assess the security of your network and systems. We use commercial and publicly available tools, as well as custom scripts and applications which we have developed.

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  • Source Code Audit Service

    If you're concerned that your web application has security issues, and you're looking for an independent review that will not just take your money and declare everything is fine without even considering the obvious don't worry, Siri’s Source Code Security Analysis is a perfect way to have your web application source checked for vulnerabilities and design flaws that could jeopardize your business. Siri also takes care of web application security analysis service.

  • SourceCodeAuditService
  • WebsiteSecurityAuditService
  • Annual Website Security Management Service

    Siri caters organizations that look at end to end solutions for website security. These are some of the packages which we offer under Security Management Service.

    Annual Application Hardening: We do a formal assessment regarding the configuration of your web and database server and recommend changes.

    Annual Server Hardening: We also do a formal assessment to review the configuration of your servers and recommend changes.

    Half-Yearly Web-Application Security Testing: For a review of your web-application for technical as-well-as business logic vulnerabilities,we do an in-depth automated and manual security.

    Quarterly Network Penetration Testing: We adhere an in depth automated and manual security for the review of your network for technical, configuration and patch management vulnerabilities.

    Quarterly Web-Application Vulnerability Assessment: We follow a rapid and automated security review of your web-application for technical vulnerabilities.

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