From idea to establishing - we add value at every
step of your Start-up journey

We build start-ups from scratch

Having started our journey as a start-up firm and grown as a leading Software Product Development Company, we best understand the pulse of a new venture. Our team of start-up experts are geared to help you scale your start-up and can provide you with the guidance required to flourish, better than anyone else.

Having worked with various start-ups, right from the stage of conceptualization to planning and project execution, our consultative approach, quality experience, skilled resources and agile delivery process, has been well appreciated and vouched for.


Early Stage

  • Ideation


    The foundation of any business life-cycle must be strong. We help you research, build, sharpen and fine-tune your product or service idea for a big enough target market.

  • Product blueprint

    Product blueprint

    Our expertise lies in connecting the dots between your idea and the growth of the idea into a business. We help you create an entire eco-system that will be critical for actual business roll-out.

  • MVP design & development

    MVP design & development

    We help make your start-up market ready with the right minimal viable product. Our MVP design & development services will play a pivotal role in clearing initial hurdles to ensure a smooth start-up journey.

  • Launch strategy

    Launch strategy

    Many start-ups go wrong or fall out at this juncture due to lack of understanding or lack of proper guidance. We design well-thought of strategies that can act as a launch-pad to an effective launch.

  • Security Assessment

    Security Assessment

    Ensuring proper Information Security measures and security risk management must be on top of the priority list, even for new businesses. We reduce security risks by using the right technology to assess and manage any kind of unethical penetration.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    Our start-up services will also ensure you get strong ongoing support and maintenance as business requirements evolve. Our purpose is to lower downtime risk and enable greater end-user satisfaction.

Expansion Stage

  • Team

    Team Augment

    One strong enabler to a successful business is a performing team. We help you build a new team or to strengthen your existing team with candidates, who possess the right skills and experience – a perfect job fit. Competent teams who will help increase sales, compliance, and efficiency pro-actively and contribute to the continual growth and development of your business.

  • Performance Optimization

    Performance Optimization

    In today’s competitive world, businesses, small or big, cannot afford mediocre performances. We develop strategies to reduce start-up time during development stage itself. Regular Measure of Performance (MOP) parameters are set at various intervals to analyse potential problems and relevant recommendations are placed to optimize performance.

  • Analytics

    Analytics & Improved Engagement

    The success of businesses today is mostly data-driven, especially where customer engagement is concerned. Be it internal or external customers, they shape our business growth. We provide customer engagement analytics to improve customer engagement with your products and services - happy customers make happy businesses.

  • Assessment

    Assessment & Improvement

    Usability testing is a tool to see how people are using your products or services in real-time. Knowing how satisfied users are with your offerings can help you take informed decisions to improve it. We identify major usability flaws or bugs and suggest remedial measures to help make your product or service, even better.

  • Architectural

    Architectural improvement

    A start-up’s goal is to keep improving, in all directions. The focus must be on building a joyful customer experience and engagement, enabling repeat clientele and effective word of mouth publicity. We provide solutions to help scale infrastructural and operational needs, to make your journey as seamless as possible.

  • Technology

    Technology Audit

    Today, technology has become the core business driver, embedded into every aspect of an evolving business environment. To efficiently run a business, all the documentation, accounting and financial aspects, have to be smoothly and securely, managed. Our Technology Audit services are designed to look into and beyond spreadsheets and recommend measures to secure your IT systems and networks to avoid potential treats or seize opportunities in the future.


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